2013 houyi
Near perfect vintage with the right balance between warmth, cool night and no major excess from Mother Nature. 2013 brought exhuberent nose of dark red and blackberries. Thick texture, dense but elegant and balanced tannins. The wine has been aromatically expressive since the first days of fermentation. That quality has been steady and consistent during aging and in the first years of bottle aging showing the consistency of that vintage. The wine is textured, velvety, elegant.  finishes on floral nose following the lengthy texture of purple fruit. The 100% new French oak integrates perfectly in the texture to support the dramatic fruit expression.

2014 being a dryer year, Ines are darker, oilier and more reserved. Definitively a sleeper that will take time to develop but his already showing in it's big structure hints of purple fruit. The wine is black and dark. Elegantly textured in it's austere youth. Black olive, spices, tobacco. Dark cocoa, with hints of vanilla and cigar leaf letting an elegantly aromatic red and blueberry fruit starting to express itself. 100% new French oak

2015 is one of the warmest years on Pritchard Hill. The terroirs absorbed the excesses of mother natured and delivered balanced wines that have kept on building over time. The texture is velvety and elegant and the acidity perfectly integrated. the wine is built in length. Aromas of Dark blackberry blueberry. Richer as it opens. Definitively a sleeper. That will reveal itself.